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A Busy Week

The Valentines night at the Woodfire Deli was a hit! A bunch of people were posting pictures of their night. There is also a NEW feature on the website!

Check out the "Local Ads" tab on the website to view Souris sale ads. This page is meant for larger sale or rental items/properties, and job listings. Hope you have a super Sunday and enjoy all the information below.

Valentines at The Deli

Congratulations to the Deli for the succesfull Valentines Day!

Exact Shine Auto Detailing

Souris residents, Mia Toews and Trystan Jeffries, attended the 2022 Southwest Business & Entrepreneur Expo with the idea of starting a small home-based business, but didn't know where to start.

Attending the businesses expo last year, working with her local Economic Development Officer in Souris (Echo Finlay), and networking with other business owners, Toews put her plan together and has been taking care of other people's vehicle-detailing needs through Exact Shine Auto Detailing.

Now one year later, Toews participated in the Business Pitch Competition at last week's SW Business Expo in Kola, and came away with a handful of monetary awards, including the Community Futures Westman prize of $1000, the Souris-Glenwood awards totaling $1000 plus a free membership to the Souris-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. Toews was also awarded the $1000 package prize of advertising with CJRB Radio & Discover Westman for the most creative business pitch.

Toews says her fiancée, Trystan Jeffries, has been encouraging her all the way.

"I started out detailing a few years back and had some experience under my belt and in the back of my mind I always thought this would just be a great 'at-home' business we could do. We planned on having kids and this is where my journey started," she explains. "I went and I marketed, and I talked to people, and I saw the demand. My fiancée and I put our heads together and that following May we started Exact Shine Auto Detailing."

"We started in May only on a part-time bases, and I actually started it on mat-leave, hoping that this would grow, and it would become a business, and now that my mat-leave is done I know that I am successful and we can do it," shares Toews, "and I'm just waiting for the warmer months so we can get going!"

Toews encourages anyone who is wanting to start their own business to talk to those people in your life who believe in you as a person. "I talked to my fiancée. I talked to my mom, she's always been my supporter, and I gave them my plan, I told them what I wanted to do, and they just really encouraged me to go for it!"

"You've really nothing to lose," she adds. "You don't know if you don't try and the worst-case scenario is that if someone comes to this pitch idea, puts in a pitch and they don't win any money, they have all these different resources that they could go for next year, and they could continue on from there."

Please listen to more of the interview with Mia Toews, Trystan Jeffries, and CJRB's Betty Sawatzky by following the link below!


Varstity Basketball

Busy couple weeks for the Varsity Boys Basketball team. The fellas placed 3rd at their home tourney and won the consolation side in Carberry this past weekend. Last league game goes Tuesday at 6:30pm at the school vs Wawanesa!

Souris Chamber of Commerece 2023

Volunteers Needed

Antlers & Oak

We’ve added to Our local Shelf !!

Exciting News we have started making our own in-house relish and Fajita mix !! More items like this will be happening around here in the near future!! We also have our in-house poppyseed dressing !!

And of course we have from our local Honey House Honey and Ritchie Bison - Balm, chapstick, pepperettes & jerky

Stay tuned for more to come !!

Lagasse's Studio of Fine Art

Fundraising Raffle

Step 2 Program

Step 2 is coming back to Souris! Step 2 is a free program for kids ages 1-4. Kayla Logeot will be taking over the program and will hopefully be starting soon. If your child(ren) qualifies to attend please join the group below to stay up to date on the program!

Paint and Plant

Very Excited to team up with Plaza Petals Flower Shoppe to have 2 very Fun evenings.. Paint and Plant , choose your planter, paint, visit and enjoy refreshments , then do it Again at Plaza Petals to Plant! 3rd March and 10th March Rsvp to join the Fun

Gunning + Cormier

Our next show is coming up Monday, March 6, at the Avalon Theatre. We are proud to present Gunning + Cormier, featuring East Coast music. Your toes will be tapping and your hands will be clapping at this fantastic show. And if that isn't enough, our refreshments will feature home made butter tarts! Get your tickets at Pharmasave in Souris, $25.


Minary Bakery

I recently bought these shirts for our staff/family and you guys have been loving them!

Out of curiosity, if we did a bulk order, would you buy one?!

Job Opportunities


To see all upcoming events and the movie this weekend check out the Events tab on the website!

What Else Do We Offer?

One-time Ad - The Souris Valley Flyer offers FREE one-time advertisements! It is $5 a week if you are wanting something advertised for more than one flyer.

Monthly Member - If you would like your business listed on the #shoplocal tab on the website, listed in the printed flyers, and featured in these weekly articles please don't hesitate to send me a message! I can accommodate any business, even local direct sales companies or home-based businesses. Your logo on the website will take people directly to your Facebook page or website when clicked. I offer trial periods as well if you just want to test it out!

It is $20 a month, or $16 if you supply a coupon for the printed flyer. If you are a monthly member you also get 25% off LI Media services! Pick and choose months, do a whole year, whatever works well for your business!

Other Business Services - Go to to view other services Kayla Logeot offers. Here are some below.

Making online posters for events, fundraising, etc

Running a business, event pages, or groups on Facebook.

Business advertisements on our printed and online flyers

Website design


Creating ads, printable posters, cards, etc

Business Photography

Message me for more information or check out the website!

Easy Access

There are a few ways to make the Souris Valley Flyer super easy to find!

-Add the website to the home screen of your phone. Open the website on your browser, click the 3 dots in the top corner or the settings button and click "Add to home screen"

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See ya next Sunday!


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