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A Snowy Sunday

Yikes what a blizzard this weekend! Hope everyone is able to dig themselves out this morning, if not here are a few different people who are ready to help you out!

Snow Shovelling Time - Jordan Mcfarlane

Message Me If You Would Like Your Snow Shovelled

No Machines Used

Strong Arm Only

This winter I will be doing snow removal and some salting if requested if you would like your driveway plowed or sidewalk salted Call me at 204-741-8053

If you become a winter client and you refer me and they atleast call me you can get a free driveway plow! Don't be afraid to call now I am taking clients anytime for the winter year or a one time thing!

With the cold winter months approaching and snow on the way. Looking for any potential snow removal clients out there that maybe haven't heard of me yet. We offer driveway and acreage clearing. Commercial business and Residential. If you have smaller areas I have a group of 12 year old boys looking to make some extra money as well. Let me know if you are interested, shoot me a message with what you would like done. And we will see if I can help. Thanks Fraser Somersall

Some blizzard pictueres from Kimmy D Photos


Plaza Petals

Changes are afoot!!! Some I cannot speak of just yet, but they are coming soon. And with that I need to clear out my old stock to make room for the new!!

Starting Monday, March 13 come in and Shoppe select giftware and PICK YOUR DISCOUNT up to 50% off.

This sale will run until the old is gone!!!

Cooking Class

Souris Districts Arts Council

Thank you to whoever attended the Gunning & Cormier concert last night and ensured they had apple fritters to start their day. Souris people are special people!

From a post from Dave Gunning: "We had apple fritters for breakfast this morning. Someone who was at the show told the woman at the hotel that we’d mentioned it from stage and she had them for us all there for breakfast. Thanks so much for the special treatment all around. We love being there with you all."

Dairy Bar New Owners

Posted by Echo Muter

Let's make this FACEBOOK OFFICIAL! Corey and I are excited to announce our new family venture as we take over The Dairy Bar here in Souris. To all our family & friends, we hope you stop by this season to say hello. We are super dreamy about running this drive-in and we are so thankful for the opportunity from Steve and Elizabeth. We also look forward to honest feedback anytime - if we can improve what we are doing then please let us know! We have big shoes to fill.

Souris Hotel

Guests love our Pillows so much we sell them too. Drop in to The Souris Hotel and check them out!


Lagasse's Studio of Fine Art



“URGENT” SCAM ALERT There is someone calling people in Souris identifying themselves as part of our staff asking for credit card information to return the charge of a medication to your card.


If you have a phone call about this please record the number if possible and who they are identifying as.

Then hang up and call us here at the store with the information. (204) 483-2155 and speak to me directly.

Please remember never to give your credit card information over the phone unless your absolutely positive of the identity of the individual.

Sincerely, Colin


Job Opportunities


To see all upcoming events and the movie this weekend check out the Events tab on the website!

What Else Do We Offer?

One-time Ad - The Souris Valley Flyer offers FREE one-time advertisements! It is $5 a week if you are wanting something advertised for more than one flyer.

Monthly Member - If you would like your business listed on the #shoplocal tab on the website, listed in the printed flyers, and featured in these weekly articles please don't hesitate to send me a message! I can accommodate any business, even local direct sales companies or home-based businesses. Your logo on the website will take people directly to your Facebook page or website when clicked. I offer trial periods as well if you just want to test it out!

It is $20 a month, or $16 if you supply a coupon for the printed flyer. If you are a monthly member you also get 25% off LI Media services! Pick and choose months, do a whole year, whatever works well for your business!

Other Business Services - Go to to view other services Kayla Logeot offers. Here are some below.

Making online posters for events, fundraising, etc

Running a business, event pages, or groups on Facebook.

Business advertisements on our printed and online flyers

Website design


Creating ads, printable posters, cards, etc

Business Photography

Message me for more information or check out the website!

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See ya next Sunday!



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