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All the Peacock Days Info

If you want a printed copy of all the events next weekend, head down to LT's Corner Store this week's printed flyer has the whole weekend itinerary on it! It may not be available until Monday or Tuesday due to printer issues. Thanks !

Below you will find all the information you need about everything happening next weekend during Peacock Days and Fair! Save the pictures to your phone and make sure to follow the Peacock Days and Fair | Facebook Group so you don't miss out on any updated information! I can't wait to see everyone out and having fun!

Firework Pictures

Here are some pictures that some lovely people submitted of the fireworks on Friday!

Taken by Sheri Decock

Taken by Jody Wyman

Taken by Charmaine Leigh

Paint the Pride Crosswalk

Posted by Gabriel Pambrun on June 27th in Souris Talks.

Good morning Souris. Barriers are taken down once again from our 2nd annual paint the pride crosswalk. A big shout out to Souris Home Hardware for supplying the paint and to the Souris Pride Committee for making this event happen. Cheers to the beautification of our town.

A Message From Minary Homestyle Bakery:

As the busy summer season is now upon us, we ask that any bun or donut orders that are 2 dozen or more be pre-ordered at least the day before (during business hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:00-6:00 and Saturday 9:00-5:00). Our bakers start very early in the morning at 2:00 and 3:00 am to prep and bake for the day. They take a look at the orders and then guess at how much to make for the day to put on our shelves. Several last-minute phone calls in the morning before we open reserving big orders limit the amount of product we had planned to put on our shelves for our customers, campers and tourists. There will be some Saturdays this summer that we will have a limited amount of donuts available as we have large orders to fill and we will not be taking any other orders so all our donuts will be sold as a first come first serve basis. (We will post about those days ahead of time). On days like that it’s also very likely that we will not be answering any phone calls or messages as we have limited staff and are busy frying donuts, loading the oven and waiting on customers etc. and don’t have the time to do so. There is a certain process in which our products are made. It depends on prep space, oven space, how long the doughs take to rise/proof, the temperature, etc. 90% of our products are made from scratch which takes time to weigh, mix, scale, pan, proof, bake, cool, slice and package all before it is ready to put on our shelves. Therefore, we can’t just “go make more” when we run out part way through the day. We are a small family business and there’s only so much we can bake within one day. We supply bread and buns for several local restaurants as well as try to make sure we have a good variety of products daily for our own shelves. Just like most other businesses in town, we open at 9:00 am so please be considerate when placing and picking up your orders. Don’t just expect us to rearrange our baking routine to have certain things made and ready for you earlier because it’s more convenient for you. All orders can be picked up once we are open. Too many early customer interruptions cuts into us getting our products ready for 9:00.

As always, thank you for your continued support and patience as we try our best to satisfy everyone and provide baking for as many of you as we can this year. We truly appreciate all of our customers, from near and far — it is because of you that we are able to keep our doors open. Have a great Summer!! - The Minary Family

Also a post they made about Peacock Days is below.

Chip'n Chirp Virtual Golf

For Souris Chip’n Chirp Virtual Golf, we will be closed for the remainder of the summer! Huge thanks to everyone for coming out in support of our small business - we look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Dr.Cram Interview with CBC

Click the link below to view

No Emergency Services


Picture posted to Souris Talks by Kim de Koning on June 26th

Souris Farmers Market

Souris Farmers Market is open!

Souris Day Care

Hello parents, guardians and families

Souris cooperative daycare Is very happy to announce the opening of our Nursery school program. It is ran by a trained ECE II with high-quality care and age-appropriate activities. Truly her classroom is magical Starting on September 12th 2022

Nursery is ran Monday 9-1130 Tuesday 9-1130 / 1230-300 Wednesday 9-1130 Thursday 9-1130 / 1230 -300

$10.40 per session -Nursery school ages are 3-4 years of age ( must be potty trained ) we do not have access to a changing station.

We also have our Kinder care program opening this fall September 7th 2022 this program is for children that are eligible and signed up for kindergarten.

This program runs on Opposite Days ensuring your child has full care on days they are not attending kindergarten. ( this does not include inservices) It is run by a trained ECE II. With age-appropriate activities happening throughout the day. This program runs from September - February until kindergarten moves to full-time days. Hours of operation are 8:45-3:15

This program is $ 20.80 a day

If you are interested in these two programs You can email us at Or you can call us at 204-483-2535

Thanks Have a good day

Chase the Ace


You can get Plaza Petals flowers at PHARMASAVE in Souris!

Job Opportunities

Souris cooperative daycare has some openings for full-time summer care in our school-age program. Must be over 5 years of age and up and they have already attended kindergarten.

This is ONLY for the summer July and August spots. The school-age program is full come September. The program is $20.80 a day.

Email the center if you are interested

Specials and Movies in Souris Today

The Movie Playing: Bobs Burgers Movie

Main St Cafe Special: Shrimp Basket

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Exclusive Coupons

Don't forget about the exclusive coupons on the back of our printed flyer. You can pick one up for free at LT's Corner Store and cut them out. Here is a list of the current coupons below.

  1. Buy one get one-half price at Main St Cafe

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  4. 10% off Services at Sana's Expressive Arts and Art Therapy.

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