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Family Reunion

In recognition of Barb Swaenepoel’s 96th birthday, A celebration was held at the family home. Thirty-eight members of her immediate family join together to mark this momentous occasion.

Photo by Deb Butler

Fall Spirit at the Personal Carehome Courtyard

This past week Cheryl Tanguay and her volunteer team set up a beautiful fall display at the Personal Carehome Courtyard. They got the Fall Mum from Sadlers Creekside Greenhouse. Connie Kruk, Val Mahy, and Lori Denbow donated pumpkins and the straw came from the Mahys. If you would like to donate towards this cause or if you want to volunteer please contact Cheryl at 204-741-0708

Fuel Good Campaign

We’re so happy to announce that Pembina Co-op is donating $1390 to the Hillcrest Museum through our Fuel Good Day campaign. This couldn’t have happened without you - thank you so much for helping us give back to our community!

Theater to Open Again and Free Movie

The theater is set to open again after a long closure, during the first day of scarecrow days!

Post below was posted by Jacy Arbuckle on Souris Talks yesterday!

Great News!

Pembina Co-op has agreed to sponsor our grand re-opening on October 1st and will be offering free admission and a free small popcorn to all patrons.

Just a reminder that COVID-19 protocols apply and we will be limited to a capacity of 50 people. Proof of vaccination will be required upon entry and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

See you at the movies!!!

2022 Calendar

Next Sunday we are making the calendars available to order! Check out the online flyer on Sunday, October 3rd to see all details and who was picked! A bulk order is going to be placed on October 10th, if you want to get on the pre-order list then send us a message!

**Another bulk order will be placed on November 1st, if you want it shipped directly to you it will be an additional $4. They are $20 each. I cannot guarantee the quality of printed photos people submitted)**

Scarecrow Days

All of the pictures below can be found on the event tab on our website whenever you need to view them!

Please register your garage sale by 9pm Monday September person at LT's Corner Store. Q - Can businesses register a sidewalk sale? A - Yes! Q - Can I register my home-based business sale? A - Yes! Put what you are selling in your description. Q - I don't have a garage or front yard, is there anywhere I can take my treasures to sell? A - Yes! Contact Lagasse's Studio of Fine Art - she is renting tables/space behind her business. Q - What are the public health orders we have to follow? A - Try to only touch what you will buy...we recommend shoppers carry with them hand sanitizer, and sellers have some available too. Masks should be worn IN garages. Maintain 6' between you and other shoppers. Sellers, please consider flow of traffic when laying out your sale. And of course, please stay home (& don't host) if you are feeling unwell. Q - Do regular traffic rules apply? A - YES! It is a very busy weekend for us with lots of people around. Just because you are in a rush to get to all the sales, doesn't mean that you don't have to follow the "rules of the road" and pay attention to other motorists and pedestrians.

Stay safe everyone, and be kind!

Souris Pride in the Toronto Star

As highlighted in last weekend's article the Souris Pride Committee got together to paint the crosswalk on Crescent by the Lagasse's Studio of Fine Art with pride colors! This story made it into the Toronto Star paper! To view click the link below.

The Cafe on Crescent

Post below was made by Rebekah Lee Jenkins

Heads up! My sister and I are planning to sell on Crescent Oct 2 from 10 to 2 pm.

She is bringing her art/prints/etc.

If you didn't get your copy of The Cafe on Crescent stop by on the 2nd of Oct. I can't wait to see you!

Stock is limited and I can't get more paperbacks in 2021 due to covid complications.

Don't miss out!

Heritage Days Donation

Post below was made by Eleanor Thompson

The Heritage Days committee would like to thank everyone who attended Gossip in the Graveyard. We were able to donate the proceeds of $710 to the Hillcrest Museum for much-needed repairs. Door prize winners: Betty Jean Kohut, Doris Dron, Chelsea Donogh.

We appreciate our sponsors, Manitoba Arts Council and Souris District Arts Council. Thank you to Kim Eissner for the use of the trailer, Martin Keywerks for help with the refreshments, Souris/Glenwood Cemetery Board, LT’s Corner Store for selling tickets, Echo Finlay for producing the poster/program, Hillcrest Museum for costumes, Heather Williams for costumes, research, tickets, and more! (Keep reading!), Lara Bossert for tickets and gate, WCGTV (Dean Sherritt, Deb Sherritt, and Roxie Kowalchuk) for videotaping, our skilled bakers for the delicious cookies, and Deb Butler and Kayla Logeot for photographs.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our cast; you were all fantastic! Thanks also to those who provided their own costumes and brought props that added so much to the performance. These included books and a car! So take a bow on a job well done! Brenda Wiebe as Anne Wood Karen Kempe as Anna Dolmage The Quadrelli/Poncsak family, Cassie, Evan and Ellie as the Sowdens: Maud, Fred, & Daphne Harold Kuipers as Carter Brindle Darryl & Cherilyn Jackson as Col. Ainslie L. & Mary Elizabeth Corbett Young Bill Lawson as George McCulloch Loretta Turner as Christina Janz Helen Forrest as Catherine Forrest Heather Williams as The Guide THANK YOU!

To view Gossip in the Graveyard pictures click the link below.

My Tiny Spa

Roof Crüe

Got a leak? Shingles blown off?

We prioritize leaks and fix it’s, often with a couple day turn around.

Your roof is your home's first line of defense from the elements and we make waterproofing our priority.

Winters coming, are your shingles ready?

Call today for your free video quote 204 305 0142

School Prints

Order your school prints through Kindred Captures and have them mailed right to you!

Did you know you could spend $16 on the digital copy of your child's school photo, send it to us, customize a package with a bunch of prints and/or gifts and still save a ton of money? Check out the comparison below! Not happy with your school pictures? Then book a session with us to get some new ones.

(2) Kindred Captures-Photography | Facebook Lifetouch - $43 (13 prints) (1)8x10 (4) 5x7 ( 8 ) 2x3 wallets

Us- $43 ( 22 prints and a gift) $16 for digital copy (10) 4x6 (10) 5x7 (1) 8x10 (1)photo collage 3 pictures (could be of Multiple children) (1) notebook or mouse pad or calendar poster (Taxes and shipping extra)

Easy Access

There are few ways to make the Souris Valley Flyer super easy to find!

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Advertising With Us

If you would like your business listed on the #shoplocal tab on the website, listed in the printed flyers, and featured on these weekly articles please don't hesitate to send us a message! I can accommodate any business, even local direct sales companies. Your logo on the website will take people directly to your Facebook page or website when clicked. I offer trial periods as well if you just want to test it out!

That's all for this week! Come back next Sunday


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