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Fundraising for the Museum

The Souris Hillcrest Museum needs some major renovations. (article linked below for more details)

Some local ladies have stepped up trying to raise some funds!

First up, Kayla Logeot did a fundraiser with Avon! Each spring Avon puts their deet free bug spray up for the option to fundraise to their consultants. Kayla decided to seize the opportunity and see if there was any interest.

"Honestly I wasn't expecting a whole lot of interest, maybe just the 25 to qualify to make the order!" ..Kayla

But to her surprise, she got around 70 orders! She was able to donate $310. Below is a picture of her handing out the bug spray in front of the Hillcrest Museum on Saturday, April 24th, 2021.

"I was very excited when there was a lot of interest and was just happy to be able to do my part in trying to help" ..Kayla

Second Brittany Parham created sweaters and shirts online with Towns Apparel. So far she was able to raise $850 to donate to the Museum!

This is what Brittany said when I asked her why she decided to do the fundraiser,

"I knew this company did fundraisers with their clothes (which I have one myself and love) plus I know they are small-town guys that started this business town's apparel so it’s always nice to support things like that. I figured I could get a pretty good turnout that could go back to the museum."

Photo of one of the sweaters below.

What a great way to kick off raising money for our beautiful Hillcrest Museum.

Another local business fundraising is the Woodfire Deli. They are offering custom latte art for a donation in their donation box! Make your way down to the restaurant and they will put your business logo, favorite art piece, and just about anything on a latte for you! How cool! Picture below of one of them

Link to more information on the much needed Museum Renovations below

Stay and Play Souris

For the months of May & June, Stay N Play Souris has a special promotion going on! Take a look at the picture below. More specials to be announced for July & August soon!

What an awesome way to have a stay-cation right here in Souris Manitoba! Link below to their Facebook page.

Moose Sightings in Town!

This picture was taken by Janit Risser on April 20th, 2021. Sightings have been popping up all over town! Make sure to be extra cautious driving around the Souris area, they might be beautiful but they sure are big!

The Souris Valley Flyer Launches with a Fundraiser!

Today is the first edition of the Souris Valley Flyer! I am so excited to be able to provide a way for everyone in the town to stay up to date and connected on all things Souris.

To launch this new business Souris Valley Flyer is putting on a fund-raiser for the Hillcrest Museum. We are selling cooler bags that say "Souris Hillcrest Museum" on it and a picture of a peacock. These bags can hold up to 16 cans and are $25, each bag sold donates $8 to the museum! If you would like to order one please call/text me at 741-9194 or email I hope this flyer is a great way to help #shoppinglocal and to keep us all connected in a time of disconnect due to covid. If you have anything you think would make a great article in this flyer please contact me at the info above. New flyers will be available at the Lt's Corner Store every Sunday morning!

That's all for now come back next Sunday for more local Souris news

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