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Grad Class of 2033

A late welcome to the new Kindergarten class this year and the Grad class of 2033!

Back Row Left - right: Nicole Kempthorne, Jase Peech, Braelyn Menard, Rhegan Farough, Connor Curley, Wacey Anderson, Raegan McKay, Brooklyn DeBacker, Karen Butterfield

Middle Row left - right: Autumn Sutherland, Cohen Gullett, Dominik Roberds, Kane Fallis-Twigg, Jaxon Dietrich, Kase Somersall

Front row left - right: Andrea Bautista, Franco Bresenio

Souris Railway Museum Closed

Due to Covid-19, the Souris Railway Museum has closed again this season. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep the distance regulations in place. However, when restrictions lighten up again they will be able to take appointments for two people at a time for $20. This includes 30 minutes on the simulator and 30 minutes in the main museum. Make sure to call at least 3 days in advance so they can make sure they have a volunteer available. This could be a fun thing to do even if you live in Souris! Supporting local is more important than ever right now.

Contact Ferg to book your appointment, 483-3361

Supporting The High School Rodeo Association Finals

Businesses in Souris-Glenwood have been asked to support the high school rodeo association finals. All competitors are required to wear their ID number patches both on and off the fairground at all times during the weekend of June 11-13, so it will be easy to know who they are. Supporting them can be something like a dollar amount off their purchase or a free item with purchase, etc. Families are coming from all over Manitoba for this event so it will be a great way to promote your business! Contact Jessie Goodwill at for more information!

Tree Down in the Park

On Friday, May 8th two boys crashed into this tree in Victoria Park. They are ok thankfully but we can't say the same for the tree. Hopefully next time they take the yield sign a little more seriously!

Picture was taken by Michelle Wipf

Moms Pantry

The middle year's students are selling Mom's Pantry right now. If you know an 11-14-year-old make sure to support them! If you don't you can still order, the Lt's Corner Store has extra forms available.


Souris School has forms available from 9:30-2:30 just ring the bell at the main doors or order online using the information on the form linked below.

Download PDF • 379KB

Fundraising for the Museum

Picture was taken by Jenna Cason

This is the last week to get your orders in for the fundraiser! Orders will be going in on the 21st. Each bag is $25, these bags can carry about 16 cans and $8 from each bag sold is going to the museum. Please reach out to the Souris Valley Flyer to order, and check out the fundraising tab on the website to see how much has been raised so far.

Due to some questions being asked, the reason only $8 from each bag is donated is that these are custom order bags that have to be ordered, made, and shipped that is why I am not able to donate the entire $25. Your $17 is going towards those costs and then the rest is able to be donated! That is how this type of custom order online fundraiser works. If it's not something you like then that's totally fine! I am just trying to help out the museum the way I am able to. I am not making any money from this.

Giveaway Winner

In last week's flyer, I announced a giveaway for subscribing to our e-mail list!

I had 53 people join last week, I sure am thankful for all of your support and I hope that in the coming months this article and website can continue to grow.

If you haven't subscribed to the website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email, this will notify you whenever there is a new article up.

Congratulations to Angela Kurtenbach for winning a free photo session with Kindred Captures Photography!

(1) Kindred Captures-Photography | Facebook

Job Oppourtunities

Lots of new and still available jobs with employers looking to hire! See a job title that interests you? Contact or call (204) 747-2610

Covid-19 and School

Unsure of what to do if your child has a cold? Here is a great picture provided by the school of the steps you need to take!

That's all for this week! Come back next Sunday -Kayla


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