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Happy St Patricks Day

Hope you all had a great St Patricks Day! I know the school was a busy place this week hosting basketball. Lots of classes are coming up at Lagasse's Art Studio and a huge sale is happening over at Plaza Petals! Have a super Sunday

Hicks Farm

Daylight savings and milder temperatures in the forecast always make us feel like spring is coming!!

It won’t be long before these little seedlings are blossoming into beautiful flowers for all of us to enjoy!


Out Door Classroom

Great news came in from Mr Filewich…he reported we could update the poster, as fundraising for the outdoor classroom is complete!!!

Way to go Souris!

Leauge B Banner

Congratulations to the U13 Elks on winning the Leauge B Banner tonight in double overtime!

Community Garden

Posted by Tara Braund Kimberly Eissner talked up a community garden and I say we make it happen. Thank you to her and Darlene for sharing grant info. I am willing to apply on our community's behalf...but we will need a committee...

Who is interested in helping run the garden?? I will need a committee to help me bring the proposal to council to get some land, and after that maybe monthly meetings? I have run something similar before (community Greenhouse in the Arctic! If i can grow there i can grow anywhere haha!). Would love to make it happen here! Fresh fruits and veg for foodbank, daycares, school and homes....schools and daycare could visit and learn, garden socials...the list goes on!!

Who is in????

Chip n Chirp Golf Course

How about some Fun ideas for Date Night! Register Your Team Today for an 18-Hole Scramble! Contact us at 204-305-0617 To Book Your Tee Time!

Minary Bakery

We posted this reminder a few years ago, and it still stands true today.

•Please keep in mind we are a Bakery, not just a donut shop. We make everything fresh, every day. Bread, buns, cinnamons buns, cookies, pastries, sandwiches, salads, etc. There’s only so much table space, oven space and time. We do our best to get a variety of every item each day. We are a scratch/homemade bakery. We don’t just pull stuff out of the freezer and bake it off. Every product is made with lots of TLC. As much as we’d love to “just go make another batch of donuts”, it’s not always an option.

As always, we encourage pre-orders.. you can give us a call or send us a message (preferably at least a day ahead of time) with what you are wanting and for what day and we will have them made fresh and set aside for you

Plaza Petals

Gluten-Free Perogies

Upcoming Classes

Souris Hotel

Yes The Souris Hotel and The Murray Building will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary! We opened on June 30, 2018. We look forward to celebrating this milestone throughout June with our Community, our Guests, our Tenants and our Shareholders and our Team! Stay tuned!

Souris Daycare

I love to read month was in February.

We wanted to give a huge shout-out to the community visitors and parents that came in to read us a book!

Thank you to Loretta Turner from LTs corner store, Evan Poncsak from Integra Tire, Laura Kirkup, Emily and Jordan Turnbull who also brought in everything to learn about bees we really enjoyed that, Mrs. S vice principal of Souris school, and Sandy our trustee postmaster from the post office. Along with other parents and staff that brought in special books to share with us. THANK YOU! We really appreciate it.

LT's Corner Store

Souris Step 2 | Facebook - The first step 2 session is happening on Wednesday! The theme is under the sea, can't wait to have some undersea fun with everyone

Job Opportunities

We have an employer looking to hire a Financial Clerk in the Souris, MB area. If you would like more information about this job email us at or call us at 204-747-2610!


To see all upcoming events and the movie this weekend check out the Events tab on the website!

What Else Do We Offer?

One-time Ad - The Souris Valley Flyer offers FREE one-time advertisements! It is $5 a week if you are wanting something advertised for more than one flyer.

Monthly Member - If you would like your business listed on the #shoplocal tab on the website, listed in the printed flyers, and featured in these weekly articles please don't hesitate to send me a message! I can accommodate any business, even local direct sales companies or home-based businesses. Your logo on the website will take people directly to your Facebook page or website when clicked. I offer trial periods as well if you just want to test it out!

It is $20 a month, or $16 if you supply a coupon for the printed flyer. If you are a monthly member you also get 25% off LI Media services! Pick and choose months, do a whole year, whatever works well for your business!

Other Business Services - Go to to view other services Kayla Logeot offers. Here are some below.

Making online posters for events, fundraising, etc

Running a business, event pages, or groups on Facebook.

Business advertisements on our printed and online flyers

Website design


Creating ads, printable posters, cards, etc

Business Photography

Message me for more information or check out the website!

Easy Access

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-Add the website to the home screen of your phone. Open the website on your browser, click the 3 dots in the top corner or the settings button and click "Add to home screen"

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See ya next Sunday!


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