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Keto and Gluten Free Goodies

As most of us know, finding good gluten-free and keto recipes can be hard and time-consuming to get right. That's why Antlers and Oak Diner have teamed up with Jen Ireland from Jens Simply Delicious to offer great gluten-free and keto-friendly treats in their grab and go cooler! The grab and go cooler features pre-packaged items that are perfect for a quick lunch, supper, or snack! Now there is something in the cooler for any diet! This was the first week they were available, some of the new products in the grab and go cooler were caramel pecan brownies, cheesecake cups, and cheese bagels.

I reached out to Jen Ireland to ask her some questions about these new products!

What are some of your favorite recipes you have made?

" I am really enjoying the no-bake gluten-free and keto cheesecake cups. I look forward to trying ones with natural berry flavors. I really enjoy homemade cooking/baking, anything from pasta to stuffed chicken breast, anything I can bbq, and delicious sides to go with it all. The list really never ends for your favorites when you love what you do.

What are some new products we will be seeing in the grab-and-go cooler soon?

"We plan on doing so much as we head forward into this new adventure but you will also be seeing other menu items, not just gluten-free and keto-friendly so stay tuned"

How was your first week of sales?

"It went really well! There was a lot of interest from people who are gluten-free and keto. They said they cant wait to see what else we come up with. The brownies and bagels were a sell-out, plus great feedback on the cheesecake cups!"

Antlers & Oak Diner | Facebook

Jen's Simply Delicious. | Facebook

Grad Parade

Although this year and their grad ceremony are not traditional, our Grads will still be celebrating with their families in a “households only” event. However, you can help them celebrate by attending their parade - Wednesday, June 23 at approximately 4:00. Listen for the fire truck siren. It will be a little longer this year as they must be in groups of 5 or less and the route has changed so spectators can distance according to our current regulations.

This map will be available in the events tab on the website if you ever need to view it.

Grad Cupcakes

Minary Bakery is offering grad cupcakes this year! Make sure to pre-order. The color of icing can change if you want, they are $7.50 for a 6 pack.

Vandalism in the Park

Unfortunately, Souris Park had some vandalism on Friday night. Benches were turned over, the recycling bin by the tower was moved, and trash was left around the park. Let's hope that this was the last time!

Road Construction Projects

Over the next several weeks, the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood Public Works Department will be starting several construction projects:

* 4th Ave E between 1st St S & Glenwood St S - paving * 7th Ave W bridge - paving * 3rd St N - paving * Dickson Street (near Swinging Bridge) - excavation * Sowden Street (local traffic only from Crescent Ave E to 1st Ave E) - excavation * Elm Ave E (between Glenwood St N and Lansdowne St N) - excavation

Please watch for traffic signs and be cautious in the areas.

Museum Fundraiser

Chicken Chef made this post on the fundraiser they are hosting!

One of Canada's most important properties needs your help!! The Hillcrest Museum located in Souris is currently fundraising for major repairs to a roof that can no longer be patched together.

A generous Local Artist has donated a painting to the cause that will be available for viewing in our restaurant. We are holding a sealed bid auction for the painting and will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Hillcrest Museum. Ballot style entry - in-store only, no purchases necessary.

We also have a donation box (museum-owned) located on our front counter if you prefer to donate directly. Thank you for your consideration.

Come in and check out the "Glamourous Peacock". Bids will close July 11 8:00 pm, and the highest bidder will be contacted

Upcoming Events

This picture will always be under the events tab on the website if you ever need a reminder!

Let's go Golfing

Golf course rules change as of Saturday the 12th of June. You are allowed to golf with your friends again! However, you can only share a cart if you are from the same household OR you have a barrier installed between the seats.

Souris and Glenwood Community Golf Club | Facebook

June-Pool Hours

Pre-bookings for Public Swimming are only being taken up to June 20 at this time.

Victoria Park Campground and Souris-Glenwood Community Pool | Facebook

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is back for the summer season! Every Saturday from July 3- September 5th they will be in the Town Parking lot behind the Crescent from 9:30-11am.

New vendors are welcome call 483-3218 to book a space

Covid Protocols:

-Bring your own bags

-Social Distancing

Pride Month

Someone was busy this week! Happy pride 2021!

Souris Clothing

Souris Valley Flyer is putting in an order for some Souris shirts. Take a look below and send us an email or text if you are interested in anything! Order will be going in on June 30th. Shipping and taxes are an additional $5. Great way to show some Souris pride during town events!

Swinging Bridge Picture

This beautiful picture of our swinging bridge was taken by Sean Checkowski Photography (

Roof Crüe Giveaway

A new roofing business in Souris is kicking off with a giveaway! Make sure to visit their Instagram and Facebook to get entires in to win. They are offering a free video estimate right now too! Links below

(1) Roof Crüe | Facebook Roof Crüe (@roofcrue) • Instagram photos and videos

New Skirts at Sana Art Therapy

Some beautiful new skirts have arrived at Sana Art and Art Therapy this week! Made from recycled sari silk! Handmade, reversible, light, and colorful! Three different lengths, and three size ranges. 0-12, 8-20, and 14 - 32.

Instagram Giveaway

Hey everyone we are on Instagram! Give us a follow, the link to view the latest flyers will always be in the bio. Account name: Souris_Valley_Flyer Whoever follows our Instagram from now to June 30th is going to get entered to win a gift basket filled with goodies from local businesses! If you would like to add to this basket please contact the Souris Valley Flyer, your business will be linked and mentioned

Souris Valley Flyer (@souris_valley_flyer) • Instagram photos and videos

If you would like your business featured in articles, linked on the website, and listed in the flyers please contact the Souris Valley Flyer for more information, we would love to promote you and will form a plan with you to best suit your business! Have something you think should be in next week's flyer? Let us know!

That's all for this week! Come back next Sunday!


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