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Minary Bakery Fritters

**The printed flyers will be available on Weds Morning at the Corner Store sorry for the delay**

As most of us know Minary Bakery is known for their apple fritters!

In recent weeks they have offered some new flavor options, blueberry, and peach.

I asked Kendra Minary a few questions about the delicious fritters.

What is the most popular flavor?

"The apple still seems to be the biggest seller, but all the new flavors we have tried are a big hit too! We plan on trying cherry and saskatoon berry ones in the future as well"

Are these new peach and blueberry flavors going to be available in the future?

"We will continue to make the apple fritters every day, and as for the others, we haven't quite figured out if we will do certain ones on certain days, or just keep it random depending on what fruit is in season and/or on sale."

How many fritters did you make when you had all three options?

" We have been making a few dozen of each kind when we make them, and they sell out quite quickly each day!"

Make sure to keep an eye out on their Facebook page so you don't miss out when the next special flavors will be available! Remember to pre-order to guarantee you are going to get what you are wanting this also makes it much easier for the bakers to know how much to bake from day-to-day. I know our family loved the peach ones we tried last week can't wait to try some different kinds!

Blueberry Fritters

Souris People Helping People

Both Lt Corner store and Big Way Foods have opened up special "People Accounts" to receive donations. You can go to either store and donate so then gift cards can be provided to people in need in the town!

What an amazing way to help out people in our community.

Strawberry Dessert Day

The Souris Health Auxiliary is holding a strawberry dessert day on Wednesday, June 16th. Proceeds will be used for the Special Equipment Fund. Donations will be accepted at the time of pick up, which will be at the St Pauls United Church (ramp entrance).

To order contact Pat 483-0113 or Eleanor 483-2089.

Gluten-free and business delivery are available.

Fundraising for Museum

Just wanted to say thank you to the people that bought a cooler bag! We were able to donate $152 to the museum! I will announce what day is pick-up day when they arrive! Keep your eye out for more fundraisers in the future. If you would like to put on a fundraiser and are unsure how please contact the Souris Valley Flyer and I would love to help you figure out ways that would work for you!

Graduation Pictures

Grad is just around the corner! Kindred Captures Photography is offering a special to anyone who books a photo session before the end of the month. Below is one of their favorite grad pictures from last year! Check out their Facebook page and book soon before the special is over.

Sana Expressive Arts & Art Therapy

Sana Expressive Arts & Art Therapy is a local therapy service that is owned and operated by local art therapist Barb Murphy.

Art therapy is a fairly new style of psychotherapy that incorporates the use of art as a way of expressing and exploring feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Sometimes it is difficult for people to talk about their challenges and art can help ease this process.

Barb works with clients of all age groups and together they work through whatever challenges the client may be facing. Many people think they must be “good” at art to benefit from art therapy, but this belief is not true. Everyone can benefit, as it is the action of making the art that is the most important part of the process, not the final product. Everyone can benefit from art therapy.

Throughout Covid, Barb has been able to continue working in person with individuals, but she has also been working with small groups online. She is looking forward to restrictions lifting so she can offer in-person groups again, and is currently developing programs focused on Anxiety, Parenting, as well as Grief and Loss.

If you are interested in or have any questions about what Barb has to offer, please feel free to contact her for more information by emailing her at, calling or texting (204) 483-0770, or by dropping by her studio, Sana Expressive Arts and Art Therapy, located at 4 Crescent Ave East in Souris! Sana Expressive Arts & Art Therapy | Facebook

The Bargain Basement Boutique Closed

Due to the recent restrictions, the Basement Boutique is closed to the public. However, if you would like to arrange a private shop you can call Nancy at 483-3458. Remember shopping local is so important right now!


If you would like your business listed on the flyer and the website please contact Souris Valley Flyer. We even list local direct sales companies on the website too!

On the website, your logo will be visible and when clicked on it will take people right to a website or Facebook link of your choosing! Plus if you advertise with us this includes feature articles in the weekly flyers. Contact for more info!

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