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Personal Care Home Courtyard

On Monday I was able to stop by the Souris Personal Care Home and snap this picture of Cheryl Tanguay and the other volunteers as they planted flowers in the Courtyard.

Left to Right- Anita Somersall, Cheryl Tanguay, Val Dunbar by the chair, Barb Arnold in the front, and Ellen Hale at the back.

This was the second group that day, as they had to be broken up due to covid restrictions.

Cheryl Tanguay has been the main organizer, gardener, and fundraiser for the courtyard for the last 20 years. It is all run by volunteers and donations. This year they purchased a table and chair set, a comfortable place for the residents to have outdoor visits with their families. The set is lightweight and easy to move into the shade.

What a beautiful garden and location for the residents to be able to enjoy!

If you would like to donate to the courtyard fund then please send it to PCH Courtyard Fund, Box 10 Souris Mb, R0K 2C0.

Right now the main source of fundraising is done by Cheryl selling crocheted towels, dishcloths, bowl cozies, and a few other things made by a couple of dedicated volunteers. Anyone wanting to donate an hour and a half of their time once a month, during growing season please contact Cheryl at 204-741-0708

Cheryl makes sure to support locals and gets a lot of the decorations from the Home Hardware and the flowers from the Sadlers Greenhouse and the Souris River Hutterite colony. The Hutterite Colony donated that beautiful welcome pot below.

Each year they are trying new displays and ways to change things up for the residents, which I am sure they really enjoy.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers for all your hard work and to Cheryl for organizing everything as well! I will be back in July to take a picture of the Courtyard again when all the flowers are in bloom to share with you.

Forty-Nine Degrees

Forty-Nine Degrees had their first opening day this past Friday! I connected with them afterward to ask some questions and see how it went!

How many customers did you have?

"Were not sure the exact number of people but we served over 100 orders!"

What was your most sold item?

"Iced lattes were the most popular all afternoon and Frappuccino’s were right up there and of course ice cream is always a hit. Once the word started to get out about our 49° special blizzard they were a hot commodity! (They are our version of the Kegs Billy Miner Pie but in blizzard form )"

"Our regular hours for the summer will be 10-10 Monday-Saturday and starting next week we will be slowly incorporating the food side of our menu (fresh baking, sandwiches, soups, etc) we will post daily specials on our social media. We are so grateful for the support of the other local businesses and the members of our community and surrounding area that have shown up this weekend to try out our soft open, we’ve been blown away by the support. Thank you!"

Grad Class Bottle Drive

Last weekend the grad class did the annual bottle drive. On Thursday they returned all the cans and bottles and were able to take away $668! Great job everyone!

Every Child Matters

On Wednesday morning Souris woke up to some beautiful artwork on the crosswalks in town. What a wonderful way to show awareness for these causes and we give a big thanks to whoever did it, great job!

The flags in town were also lowered to half-mast in honor of the children found in Kamloops BC.

Business Opportunity

Souris Pool Update

The Victoria Park Campground Souris-Glenwood Community Pool posted this update on their Facebook this past Thursday.

"This weekend the Souris Glenwood Pool will be running certification courses so that we can make sure our staff will be ready to go. The Pool is not open to the public at this time. Stay tuned for updates as we work towards what we hope will be a great summer."

Fruit Popsicles

What a great affordable, healthy treat to have during this hot week!

Job Opportunities

Instagram Giveaway

We are on Instagram! Give us a follow, the link to view the latest flyers will always be in the bio. Account name: Souris_Valley_Flyer Whoever follows our Instagram from now to June 30th is going to get entered to win a gift basket filled with goodies from local businesses! If you would like to add to this basket please contact the Souris Valley Flyer, your business will be linked and mentioned.

Anyone who ordered the cooler bags, tracking says they will be here around the 9th.

Local Direct Sale June Specials

Check out all the sales for the month of June from some of our local direct sales companies.

Tupperware with Shauna Laluk - (1) Shauna's VIP Tupperware Journey | Facebook

Sipology with Charmaine Leigh Sipology With Charmaine | Facebook

Also link to Avon Ebrochure , Avon can be ordered through Kayla as well.

That's all for this week, come back next Sunday!



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