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Scarecrow Events

Scarecrow Days are this upcoming Friday - Sunday! The yardsale and scarecrow registration deadline was on Friday and the maps have been sent away to be printed. On Tuesday the weekend itinerary will be released and then the maps should be distributed to businesses for you to pick up Thursday evening or Friday morning. Below are some of the posters that businesses have posted on their Facebook. Looking forward to another great weekend here in Souris!

Here is Mia's interview with WCGtv

New Bike Fix Station

The Souris & Glenwood Chamber of Commerce is excited to have the first of three Bike Fix Stations completed and ready for use! Thanks to the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood for working with us on this initiative and our members involved to date: Kowalchuk Construction for the cement pad & Pedersen's Hangar 28 (Dave) for the installation. Stands were built locally by Tufts Machining

On Saturday September 23rd (during Scarecrow Days), two members: River Rat Rentals and E&G Enterprises will be offering demonstrations from 1-3pm. Both on Fat Tire & Regular bicycles. Feel free to bring yours down! (Location: park at the corner of Hwy 2 and 1st St.)

It's proper to hang your bike from the seat. Will also save the paint on the stand.

Souris Glenwood Chamber of Commerce


If there is time, questions may come from the floor. However, these need to be pre-approved to ensure they are appropriate for our event. You can submit by email: or we will have a volunteer member available between 6:30-7pm that night to approve. As business leaders in the community, we have organized this event, and are inviting the public to join us. Disrespectful behavior towards our members, volunteers or candidates will not be tolerated.

Souris PCH Courtyard

Well we did it! The PCH Courtyard is all dressed up for fall. I am sure the residents will enjoy this. Thank you to everyone who donated pumpkins, corn and bales

All of this beautiful produce will be up for grabs outside the Souris Hotel tonight and every Thursday night while the gardens are producing.

The "Take a book, leave a book" houses in the park were well used this summer!

Thank you to Phil Dyck for building them!

Tiffany Peters, one of our summer students, used her talents to create a beautiful mural on the park and pool office. Tiffany is working towards a career in graphic design. We were so fortunate to have such talent in our community this summer.

Woodworking Class

Canteen Shifts

A new way for people to sign up for canteen shifts open for September. Shifts will be posted monthly. Everyone is welcome to sign up! Canteen Shift Registration (

Free Online Physical Activity for Falls Prevention Class

Open to all Canadians 50 years and older, we are pleased to be able to share this free online opportunity that focuses on exercises that improve balance, leg strength, and reducing risk of falls. See details below:

Interpretive Signs

Check out the interpretive signs throughout the park pointing out the various wildlife, birds and plants inhabiting our space!

Fuel Good Day

Mark your calendars! Fuel Good Day is just 1 week away!

Join us at our Souris Gas Bar & C-Store on Tuesday, September 19th. This year, we're proud to support the Souris and Glenwood Agricultural Society. Every litre counts - we'll be giving back 10 cents per litre to the community all day. And for every Co-operative coffee and Big Cool slush sold, we'll be donating $1.

Don't miss out on the BBQ lunch happening from 11 AM to 2 PM in the parking lot in support of the Souris BPO Elks #21. Let's fuel good together!

First Street Boutique

Hocus Pocus I need Caffeine to Focus, Got a few Halloween shirts in!

Job Opportunities

Two new jobs were added to the job listings tab on this website this week!


The Scarecrow Days itinerary will be on the Events tab when it's posted if you need to find it!

Have a super Sunday!


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