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Souris Best Recipes

Around this time of year, I usually do a photo contest to make a Souris calendar and have it ready in time for Christmas but this time I would like to do something a little different. I personally have been doing a lot of baking and as nice as it is to be able to look up anything online, there is nothing quite like having it in a book! So I am creating a Souris Best Recipe book this year instead!

Click the link below to view the fundraiser page and add your recipe (max 2 per person)! If you are having trouble you can also just email me your recipe and a picture if you have it and I can add it in for you!

My plan is to take your orders and payments by October 25th, and then place a bulk order. My guess is that they will be around $20 each but I will post when I am ready to take orders and the official price. Then with the proceeds, I will take and buy a bunch of nonperishable food items for the food bank right before Christmas. I think this book will make a wonderful Christmas gift and I cannot wait to try some of the recipes!

Recipe Book Link -->

Scarecrow Days Highlights

Scarecrow Days From 2013

Someone gave me a Souris Plaindealer dated Friday, October 4th, 2013. On the front cover, it has the title "Has Scarecrow Days Run its Course?" The article goes on to talk about how Debbie Noto the event chairman from the Souris and Glenwood Chamber of Commerce was worried about the future of Scarecrow Days as they only had 10 registrations for the scarecrow contest. Debbie said that the town was very busy with the yardsales, a bubble man, and a firefighter's BBQ but was disappointed with the scarecrow contest, which was Duck Dynasty theme, and that the future of Scarecrow Days will be talked about at the next Chamber meeting. I'm glad that Scarecrow Days continued, still going strong 10 years later!!

Here are a few pictures that were in the paper as well.

October Movies

New Member

Big hello to The Haze Co for becoming a new member of The Souris Valley Flyer! I appreciate the support. If you have questions on the benefits of becoming a member, send a message

First Street Boutique

Dairy Bar Hours

Know what goes great with fall baking? Soft serve ice cream! Vanilla, chocolate or twist ice cream available in 1L containers, $10. Phone ahead 204-483-1518 or just drop by. We're still open 7 days a week 11am - 8pm.

Souris Step 2

It's time for Step 2 to start again! I am SO excited to see you all again and hopefully meet some new faces too. Here is the session list for this season. I have a ton of ideas and things I want to do with you all. Can't wait! Join the Facebook Group to keep up to date!

WCGtv Interviews

(200) Progressive Conservative Party Candidate for Spruce Woods Riding - YouTube - Grant Jackson

(200) Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate for Spruce Woods Riding - YouTube - Michelle Budiwski

(203) Souris-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce Spruce Woods MLA Candidates Sept 27 2023 - YouTube

Upcoming Events

Wine Survivor

Just a little over a week away and tickets are going fast!!

Please contact any board member or LT's Corner Store of Souris for Tickets!!

Plaza Petals Flower Shoppe

Ducks unlimited banquet and auction is coming up November 4. Plaza petals has tickets in store or track down a committee member to get yours.

It’s OPEN BAR and PRIME RIB this year!!!

Minary Bakery

It’s time to get your Thanksgiving orders in!

Pharmasave Souris

It's World Pharmacists Day! It has truly been a momentous few years for pharmacy practices across the country with historic pressures on both the healthcare system and communities across Canada. Through it all, your Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Pharmacy Assistants have shown unwavering commitment to providing medication expertise, best-in-class healthcare services, and outstanding care and attention to their patients.

Join us in celebrating our fellow Pharmasave teams today and every day! Find out how Pharmasave continues to raise the bar

Souris Community Garden

All of this beautiful produce will be up for grabs outside the Souris Hotel tonight and every Thursday night while the gardens are producing.

Upcoming Concert

The Haze

Congratulations Randi Salamanowicz on winning our grand prize basket! We will be celebrating in touch with you to arrange pick up.

Drawn by Harjot Singh.

Job Listings

Souris Valley Flyer Members

Thanks for your support!

Pharmasave Souris - 33 Crescent Avenue West, Souris, MB, - (204) 483-3613

The Haze Company - 89 First Street S, Souris, MB - (204) 709-4293

Events & Job Listings

Please check out the Events and Job Listings tab on this website to view the latest updates! Also don't forget to put your email in at the bottom of the website to subscribe so you never miss a flyer!


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