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Souris Pride Committee

A new Facebook page is now available for the 2SLGBTQ+ community and their family and friends! I'm sure fun things are coming to Souris and the 2SLGBTQ+ community, give the page a like and follow so you don't miss out!

Here is a post they made below

"Hey ya’ll!

As you may or may not know, we have been working on getting a permanent Pride Crosswalk painted in town. It is officially HAPPENING!

A big thank-you to Scott, Betty-Lou and Randi at Home Hardware here in Souris for their incredible support donating the paint for our crosswalk!

Another HUGE thanks goes to our pals Josh Swain and Steve and Buffy Cancade / The Dairy Bar and to everyone who have been sending in donations.

More details coming!"

Souris Pride Committee | Facebook

Sana Expressive Arts and Art Therapy

This was the last week of storefront sales until Spring! They are still offering other services so make sure to book your appointment ! Here is a message posted by Sana Expressive Arts and Art therapy on Friday.

"It has been a pleasure having a storefront in town this summer! I was well supported by both the local population and tourists!

Even though my stock will be packed away until spring, if you are lucky enough to be able to travel to a warm climate this winter and need a few new pieces for your wardrobe, or perhaps you need a hoodie/t-shirt/hat for Christmas, feel free to contact me and we can see what I still have tucked away!

See you in the spring!!"

Roof Crüe Video Quotes

Roof Crüe is offering free video quotes right now! Here is a post they made this past week as to what that means.

“ So, what is a Free Video Quote? “ This is something we’ve been hearing quite a bit lately.

Free Video Quotes are something we wanted to offer Westman due to us being in an elderly community. Seniors, people with limited mobility and let’s face it people who just don’t want to climb on their roof may not know the true condition of their shingles. This is where our quotes can come in.

If requested or if we feel it’s necessary we will include footage from what we find up top at your inspection Free of charge. This ensures that we’re only doing work that’s needed and being transparent about our recommendations for your roof! Fees and mileage may be required for certain inspections.

Visit us at or call 204 305 0142 to book your Free Video Quote!

50/50 Raffle for Museum

Peacock Days in the Paper Again

Great article in the Souris Recorder!

Weiming Zhao Painting Souris

This past Wednesday Weiming Zhao came to Souris and painted the Hillcrest Museum and the Swinging Bridge. What beautiful paintings!

Stay and Play September/October

Introducing the September/October Stay N Play package you must book a two-night stay at the Victoria Park Campground to qualify for the Stay N Play package. Email to request a package. Once your camping booking has been confirmed we will set a package aside for you.

Southwest Sabres are Back

The Southwest Sabres are back in action after a one-year absence due to COVID.

We are looking for anyone that would be interested in taking a (one day)Officiating Clinic to be able to Ref Football games. There is no cost for you. Being a Ref is a pretty good-paying job.

If you are interested contact Sandra Vinck on Facebook.

Sandra Vinck | Facebook

Souris Calendar

Have a photo that you took in Souris that would look great in a calendar? Then send it to the Souris Valley Flyer! The due date is the end of September. Our contact info is at the bottom of the website. Please add what name you would like to show with the picture if it gets chosen :) Only 7 spots left!!

Kindred Captures Sibling Special

Kindred Captures Photography is offering a $50 sibling special for the months of August and September! Book now to save that price, only a few dates are left!

Kindred Captures-Photography | Facebook

Local Family in Need

This Souris family has lived here for 8 years. Tony Laluk plays with the Souris Curling Club and you recently would have seen his daughter Isabelle in pictures for the peacock pride competition! Tony was recently diagnosed with esophagus and stomach cancer and will be having treatment and surgery soon. This family could use our support during this hard time.

Home Businesses Specials

Sipology with Charmaine- Sipology With Charmaine | Facebook

Norwex with Kayla Logeot- ~Keeping it Clean with Kayla~ | Facebook

Avon with Kayla Logeot

Current Brochure- Avon Ebrochure

Outlet Brochure- Avon Ebrochure

Easy Access

There are few ways to make the Souris Valley Flyer super easy to find!

  1. Download Spaces by Wix app and put in the code H48RYJ

  2. Add the website to the home screen of your phone. Open the website on your browser, click the 3 dots in the top corner or the settings button and click "Add to home screen"

  3. Make sure to subscribe to the email list so you are notified every Sunday when there is a new flyer up! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email

  4. Find us on Instagram too! Souris Valley Flyer souris_valley_flyer

Advertising With Us

If you would like your business listed on the #shoplocal tab on the website, listed in the printed flyers, and featured on these weekly articles please don't hesitate to send us a message! I can accommodate any business, even local direct sales companies. Your logo on the website will take people directly to your Facebook page or website when clicked. I offer trial periods as well if you just want to test it out!

That's all for this week! Come back next Sunday


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