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Souris Splash Park

On Thursday there was a meeting held at the Kirkup Lounge, this meeting was all about forming a committee for a splash park and what that would entail if one did form. Check out the youtube link below to watch the whole meeting that was posted by WCGtv Souris.

Posted by Souris Chamber of Commerce after the meeting:

Update after the Splash Park Meeting.

In the absence of a Chairperson stepping forward tonight, we have decided to give people time to digest the information and think about the project.

A deadline of March 31, 2023 was given for anyone interested in being on the committee or chairing the committee to come forward. To do this, email:, and we will facilitate all those interested, in coming together.

WCGTV videoed the meeting and it will be available soon. March 31st will allow anyone who missed coming tonight time to watch the meeting.

One attendee suggested they would be interested in leading a research and feasibility committee before the actual Splash Park committee is formed. If this is of interest to you, please let us know. Maybe that could be the starting point?

Thank you to our President Loretta Turner for organizing and hosting the meeting, and also Carole Williams, Kris Doull and David Kirkup for their presentations and contributions.

Video from WCGtv of the meeting: (14) splash park Jan 25 2023 - YouTube

Legion Ladies

The Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary will once again be serving supper after meat draw, on the first Friday of each month. The first meal will be Friday February 3/2023. Details to follow.



Whitfield Drugs Gave Away $400 in Guardian Gift Cards to our Christmas Giveaway Contest Winners

Congratulations First - Shannon Czekala

Second - John Dornian and

Third - Kim Stewart- Thank you to everyone

Its Gonna Be A fabulous year

Sanas Expressive Art and Art Therapy

Hello Everyone! I have had quite a few people contact me recently to ask for more details about what services I offer, so I thought I'd take a moment to share some information about myself and my business!

As most of you know, my name is Barb Murphy and I am from, and have based my counseling/therapy practice in, Souris, MB.

Most of my professional career was spent working in the education system as a teacher and guidance counselor. In 2019, after furthering my education, I opened a private counseling/therapy practice.

I offer mental health services to people of all ages, to help them work through various concerns such as trauma, anxiety, depression, anger management, loss (divorce, death, illness), family dynamics, and more. My Facebook page can offers you more detail on my services.

I am located at 4 Crescent Ave East, (beside Western Financial, and in the same building as Funtime Pottery - my private entrance is at the back of the building).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime for more information or to book an appointment!

Minary Bakery Teams with Woodfire Deli

Exciting News!!!

We are teaming up with Alex, Maria and the wonderful staff of Woodfire Deli Starting on Tuesday, January 24th they will have some of our treats available in their business!

You will now be able to enjoy a cinnamon bun, pastry, donut or apple fritter in a cozy atmosphere with your cup of coffee, hot chocolate, lunch or wood fired pizza. A great way to support two local businesses at once!

We are so lucky to have Alex and Maria as new members of our community. Please help us continue to give them a warm welcome to Souris!!

Kindgergarten Registration

We are accepting registration for the 2023-2024 Kindergarten class. If you have a child or know of a child that will be turning 5 on or before December 31, 2023, please contact the school office for registration forms. You can also access these forms on the school division website.

Valentines Day Flowers

Chip'n Chrip Golf

Hello everyone - we're going to run a Special from Tuesday - Friday, 1 - 5pm! Regular Golf course $32.50/Hour, and Driving Range $15/30 minutes! Clean indoor shoes, and clubs required! Contact us at 204-305-0617 to Book your tee time today!

Save the Date

Souris and Glenwood Foundation will be celebrating its 30th anniversary on April 20th by bringing back comedian Matt Falk. Doors will open at 6:30, tickets are $30. More information to come.

From January 20th to February 5th, U11, U13, U15, and U18 teams will host Buddy Talks to raise mental health awareness and to encourage players to “Buddy Check” their teammates throughout the season.

For more info on the Buddy Check program, go to

Faith Baptist Church

Faith Community Baptist Church would love to have your child join our young people in our Sunday school program . This program is run during our worship service at 11 am every Sunday.

Christmas Cheer

Souris Christmas Cheer would like to thank everyone who donated this year. The support received was overwhelming! Thanks to those who made monetary donations and/or took a tag(s) from the trees that were set up at some of the businesses around town. To those who came to help get the gifts ready for delivery, we thank you! We also want to thank all the local businesses who support and work with us every year to make Christmas a little brighter for families in our area. We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2023!

Annual General Meeting

For more information, please contact Echo at 204-741-0631 (phone or text).

I've had quite a few people inquire about purchasing my latest Hillcrest Museum photo and so I looked into getting canvases made.

It will be a flat $45 for an 8x10 canvas, mailed directly to you. Prices will slowly increase from there the bigger canvas you order. If this is something that interests you then please send me a message or comment below and I will reach out. OR $10 for an 8x10 print.

Thank you all so much for your support

Annual General Meeting

Survivor is happening on March 27th - April 2nd. The theme is roaring 20s! Click the link above to be taken to their facebook to follow for updates!


Posted by Trever Penner Congrats to the Souris Varsity Girls Basketball team who captured the tournament title in Hamiota over the weekend. Our Junior Varsity Girls and Boys teams also went undefeated in tourney action at Crocus!

Go Sabs!

J&S Meats

Unfortunately, due to rising meat costs, prices on meat packs will be increasing soon. This will be the last couple weeks of the current prices, get your orders in now!

Call the shop 204-483-2234

LT's Corner Store

New flyers are up on LT's Corner Store website and on their facebook

Job Opportunities


To see all upcoming events and the movie this weekend check out the Events tab on the website!

What Else Do We Offer?

One-time Ad - The Souris Valley Flyer offers FREE one-time advertisements! It is $5 a week if you are wanting something advertised for more than one flyer.

Monthly Member - If you would like your business listed on the #shoplocal tab on the website, listed in the printed flyers, and featured in these weekly articles please don't hesitate to send me a message! I can accommodate any business, even local direct sales companies or home-based businesses. Your logo on the website will take people directly to your Facebook page or website when clicked. I offer trial periods as well if you just want to test it out!

It is $20 a month, or $16 if you supply a coupon for the printed flyer. If you are a monthly member you also get 25% off LI Media services! Pick and choose months, do a whole year, whatever works well for your business!

Other Business Services - Go to to view other services Kayla Logeot offers. Here are some below.

Making online posters for events, fundraising, etc

Running a business, event pages, or groups on Facebook.

Business advertisements on our printed and online flyers

Website design


Creating ads, printable posters, cards, etc

Business Photography

Message me for more information or check out the website!

Easy Access

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-Add the website to the home screen of your phone. Open the website on your browser, click the 3 dots in the top corner or the settings button and click "Add to home screen"

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See ya next Sunday!


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